Wanting to Create a Visual Hierarchy in the Website Design? Follow these Golden Tips!

What is visual hierarchy?

It refers to arranging and presenting the website UI elements in such an order of their importance so the users can scan the page information easily, and click and but the website product conveniently. Additionally, websites with a better visual hierarchy have a better UX and higher product sales. Hence, you can also use the visual hierarchical elements to build a beautiful and compelling website. If you are seeking a professional, hire a website designer guide today!

How to arrange website UI content for better visual hierarchy and UX?

  1. Size

The most powerful tools for better hierarchy. It impacts the visualization of the web page elements significantly, according to most of the web designers. The larger the element like photo, text, and shapes, the more attention you will grab. So feel free to adjust the size of your website elements to showcase their importance.

  1. Create UI hierarchy with shadow and opacity

Like the huge black font in the white background, similar web elements with contrast shadows and opacity can showcase the simple hierarchical relations among them. In many situations, without much of a color involved, various web elements with diverse shadows and opacity is also powerful enough to create visual hierarchy for a better UX. Additionally, building a web page visual hierarchy with opacity and shadow also tend to simplify your website as well as help in making it more of a superb minimalist website.

  1. Optimize with colors

Try using bright colors to emphasize important information as they tend to draw attention of the users quickly than the bland colors. Make the most of the color gradients to execute the website visual hierarchy.

  1. Don’t forget the layouts

A website can be assigned with many page layouts on the basis of web or product features for richer content and better readability. It can also be designed with repeated page layouts in order to become familiar with the website and find the information quickly.

Grids help in dividing the page functions and organizing the visual content on the website. Try integrating colors to make your website look attractive and cool.

As people naturally perceive the UI components’ proximity as groups, proximity is often used as a tool to segregate the website page contents. Thus, you should place your logically related UI components closely in the same place for clearer layouts and readability.

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