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Things You Must Know Before Creating A Website

Like many people, you are probably interested in launching your own website. Regardless of the purpose and niche, it is important that you take the right decisions with regards to three aspects –

  1. CMS or Content Management System
  2. Hosting provider and hosting plan
  3. Domain name

In this post, we are discussing all three aspects in detail.

Content Management System

The content management system or CMS is basically a platform, where you can upload contents, edit your files and manage the entire website. If you are just starting out or want to create website without any fuss, WordPress is an ideal choice. WordPress is great for bloggers and generic websites, and it can be used for basic ecommerce websites, as well. WordPress has a thriving community that works hard and is accessible, as and when required, so help is always around.

Hosting provider

When it comes to hosting, there is nothing called free hosting to be precise. Yes, there are companies that provide so-called free plans, but usually, you will have to include their extension to your domain name or may have to compromise on the bandwidth and storage. Make sure that you select a reliable hosting provider, which has basic packages, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and assured 100% uptime. Keep in mind that unlimited storage might not seem important as of now, but at some point, you will have to address the extra inflow of traffic.

Another aspect that needs attention is the choice between shared and dedicated hosting. The latter is preferable because it basically allocates one server for your website, so uptime, bandwidth, storage and all relevant aspects are guaranteed. Shared hosting is cheap for sure, but the performance of your website is dependent on the load generated by other websites on the server. If your website is resource intensive, go for dedicated hosting, or else, shared hosting should work fine.

Domain name

Hosting providers like BlueHost, GoDaddy, and HostGator do offer domain registration, and regardless of the nature of your business, .com domains have similar pricing, unless it’s a premium domain. Make sure that you select a domain that’s easy to remember, type and read, and it should be relevant for your small business. If a preferred domain is available, you want to get the same as soon as possible, because domain sell faster than hot cakes.

If you can find a domain name and a good hosting plan, launching your website will be all about finding a good website builder.

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