Here are Some Questions to Ask before Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

If you are about to hire a digital agency for the first time, it takes a massive leap of faith. No matter if a company is outsourcing as it needs a cost-effective expertise or more help, it is proven daunting when hiring digital marketing services agency for the first time. But if you ask them a few questions before hiring, it will make it go easy on the daunting nature.

  1. Retention rate
  1. Are you aware of your average retention rate?
  2. What is your average retention rate attributed to?
  3. Is there any staff rotation in between the campaigns?
  4. How is the training managed?
  5. Business ambitions and goals 
  1. Does your digital marketing Singapore agency planning to expand and service new areas?
  2. Will your agency be located in multiple places?
  3. What is the place of a company with your agency’s overall plan?

  1. Ownership and investment 
  1. Who is the owner of the company?
  2. Why did the agency opt on investment?
  3. How does the investment team push the ownership?
  4. What are the interests and philosophies of the team?
  1. Certifications 
  1. What certifications do your workforce possess?
  2. How much time is allowed to your workforce to raise their education level?
  3. When do their certifications expire?

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